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Standcatering or Side Events Ilmac

ILMAC is the only industry exhibition in Switzerland for the chemical and life sciences sectors.

The user-oriented trade show is aimed at specialists from the pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology, food, beverage, cosmetics and other sectors (see figure below). Despite this diversity, ILMAC is exceptionally clear and takes place in the midst of the Swiss pharmaceutical and chemical industries, completely representing the Swiss market. It showcases all industrial applications of process and laboratory technology

Around half of the 12,000 visitors come from the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Specialists from mechanical engineering, plant and equipment construction, laboratories and biotechnology use ILMAC as a contact platform.

Symposia and workshops organized by the Swiss Chemical Society round off the Ilmac Forum. An impression of the exhibition is also provided by the short film.

Parallel to the trade show, the Pharma Logistics Days will take place for two days. This special show offers you the latest topics and news from the industry and all about packaging and transport.

Special service for exhibitors: the Foodcard

As a catering partner of the MCH Group, we could use digital tools to simplify processes and convince exhibitors in advance with our catering services.

Our Webshop is created individually for each exhibition and congress. Whether catering in a package for the booth party or food, equipment and beverage delivery to the booth: in the spirit of click and be served, we offer our 24/7 sales store for exhibitors.

The Food Card is also in use. Exhibitors have the option of providing customers or employees with a limited or unlimited credit or debit card. Cash-free payment is thus possible at all Wassermann Catering food outlets and restaurants on the Ilmac.

We design all sizes of tailor-made event concepts and stand for the honest and authentic provision of services.

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