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Things to know about the FOOD CARD by Wassermann & Company AG

What is the FOOD CARD?2023-11-22T11:51:54+00:00

The FOOD CARD is an individual QR-Code with which you can pay fast & cashless during trade fairs and congresses in all restaurants and food-outlets of the Wassermann & Company AG.

For whom?2023-11-22T11:51:19+00:00

The FOOD CARD is for all exhibitors and their guests at Messe Basel and Zurich. The FOOD CARD can be passed on to guests, customers and employees.

  • You can consume whatever you want

You will receive an individual overview of all consumptions at the end of the fair.

Where and how do I pay with the FOOD CARD?2023-11-22T11:49:32+00:00

You can conveniently pay for everything you consume in Wassermann & Company AG restaurants and stalls with the virtual FOOD CARD. Each purchase is individually registered with our cash register system using an individual QR code.

Do you have any questions?2023-11-22T11:48:53+00:00

Feel free to call us on: +41 61 201 08 45 or send us an E-mail:

How do i get the digital FOOD CARD on my Smartphone?2023-11-22T11:48:13+00:00

1. register online. 2. receive your personal QR code 3. pay immediately on account via QR code. Are you on the go? You can also order your digital Foodcard during the trade fair and receive a QR code for the payment process as soon as possible.

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